Kevin Hart isn't shying away from the cheating scandal that engulfed his world last fall.

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The funnyman stars in a music video for the newly released track by J. Cole appropriately titled "Kevin's Heart." In the video, Kevin goes through life after his cheating scandal.

He starts out at a grocery store in which people look down upon him, seemingly knowing about his infidelity. Later, in the car, Kevin turns on the radio, only to hear the hosts talking about the "Kevin Hart situation."


Kevin is later seen looking at baby strollers, a nod to the fact that his wife, Eniko Parrish, was pregnant when he cheated on her in Las Vegas last September. During that moment, an excited woman gets handsy during a selfie with Kevin. He seems disturbed by the woman's actions.

Along the way, several women make advances at the actor, but the most aggressive came from a woman at a restaurant who slipped Kevin her phone number. Kevin rebuffs her offer, and flees to the restroom.

There, a man offers him advice.

"Nobody's perfect and you're only human," he tells Kevin. "Learn from it, man. Learn from it."

The end of the five minute video shows Kevin returning home. As he laughs and walks the inside, the words "Choose Wisely" are written in the sky.

Shortly after the scandal was made public (in real life), Kevin apologized to his wife and kids for his "bad error in judgment."

In December, Kevin said he was "better man" because of the scandal.

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"The light bulb that's off, that just went off right now, was the one that was supposed to go off because this line, this straight line that I'm walking on now, there are no moments to be off-balance," he told The Breakfast Club. "There are no more shots, there are no more chances. I'm done. I'm done! I don't want that level of fun no more, I don't need it."


A day before the video came out, Kevin also made headlines by visiting imprisoned Philadelphia-based rapper Meek Mill.

Camera crews filmed Kevin, a Philly native, entering the Chester State Correctional Institute in Philadelphia on Monday with a few members of his team by his side. Meek is serving a two to four year sentence for violating his probation from a 2008 drug and weapons conviction. Many, though, have argued that the sentence is far too severe.

"Everything happens for a reason, and Meek going to jail and his story now coming out, it's really going to force the system to do better," Kevin previously told TMZ. "You're looking at injustice at a very high level, and unfortunately it happened to Meek."