Digital versions of Kim Kardashian West are taking the app world by storm again.

On Feb. 4, a boatload of new "Kimojis" were released to the pubic and available for purchase via iTunes and Google Play for $1.99… and the new emojis of the reality star are pretty ridiculously good fun!

Kim and her mom Kris Jenner both announced the new additions by posting images of the digital Kim, or dare we say it, Lil' Kim, to their Instagram pages, as well as on her official website,

Some of the new Kimojis are funny and cute, while others are actually quite raunchy!

There are now emojis of Kim on a stripper pole and another of her twerking in a barely-there swimsuit. She also does a seductive dance in a fur coat.

Watch the video of Kimoji Kim pole dancing...

Kim alerted her 59.6 million Instagram followers to the new digital mini-me's by posting a short video that shows many of the new additions.

"KIMOJI has been completely redesigned and is now available on iOS and Android!" she wrote. "There's also brand new KIMOGIF animations! Go get it! If you already have it, just update now!"

She then posted a screen grab that features five versions of her digital behind.

"The new Kimoji update is here!" she wrote. "A whole new vibe! Now available in Android and iOS!"

The update features booties and cleavage. It's not all risqué, though. New additions also feature her husband's Yeezy sneakers and beautiful head shots.

Like Kim, Kris couldn't help but gush over the new app update. America's favorite mom-ager posted a video (different than Kim's) that showed a slew of new Kimojis, including ones that show an animated Kim making it rain money, blowing kisses and getting into a fight with (presumably) her famous sisters.

"Omg!! How amazing are these new KIMOJIs?!," she gushed to her 11 million followers. "The new animated versions are available now on iOS and Android!! These are hilarious, @kimkardashian!!! #kimoji"

Khloe said posted one of the NSFW updates, calling the new Kimojis "wild."

In a follow up Instagram, she urged fans to get the new update. "There's also brand new KIMOGIF animations!," she wrote. "Go get it! If you already have it, just update now! Keeks I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!"

As silly as the apps seem, they've been hugely successful. When Kim first debuted the Kimoji app in December it was so popular it crashed the Apple store.

At the time, Kim tweeted, "Apple, I'm so sorry I broke your App Store!!!"

We don't suppose Apple was using the Kim ugly crying face emoji when that happened though.