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Kim Kardashian West is standing by her man.

In the wake of tremendous backlash toward her husband Kanye West, the reality TV star shared a few words on her subscribers-only app about why she loves him.

"LOVING My Husband," she wrote in the post titled "Currently," an ode to things she's currently interested in talking about. In the same post, Kim said she is "HATING That people don't get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art."

Kanye has always been controversial, but lately he has been under heavy fire for his social media tantrums, his SNL tirade and for his ill-advised blasting of Taylor Swift, claiming that he made her famous.

"LISTENING TO 'I Love Kanye,''' she said of what she is currently obsessed with, as well as "WEARING Yeezy Season 3 samples I took from the show."

Several models came out afterward saying the job was a nightmare with long hours, little appreciation and little pay.

Kim went on to say that she loves watching Kanye shoot his music videos and reading Kanye's tweets.

She said she is "WANTING Everyone to be as honest as Kanye."

With the firestorm of controversy surrounding Kanye, a report last week said Kris Jenner was nervous that he was ruining the Kardashian brand due to his public outbursts.

A source, though, told People magazine that Kim will do whatever it takes for her marriage.

"Kim has faith in Kanye and a unique understanding of how he operates," a source said. "If there is anyone that can reach Kanye now, it's Kim. To Kanye, Kim is a queen."

"He understands that Kim and the kids are the best thing to ever happen to him," says a source close to the rapper. "He thinks Kim hung the moon, and he knows that she's a stabilizing force in his life. And he's got exactly what he always wanted, always needed - a family of people who need him and who love him unconditionally."

A separate source says the public doesn't see who Kanye really is.

"Whatever the world thinks about Kanye, they haven't seen the real him. Everything else, like the tweets and the crazy stuff at awards shows, that's not really him," says the source. "It's really him when he's rubbing Kim's back, or holding her hand. Or playing with North. That's the real Kanye West, not the public persona."