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Put your back into it! Kim Kardashian West is on the mend a bit these days.

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star said that she threw her back out and has been wearing a back brace because of it.

Kim revealed the news on her subscription-based website and app on March 7 while writing her "Currently" blog, where she reveals things about her life in just a few words.

In the same blog post, Kim said she was "loving" a cat suit and hating "that it's getting hot and I can't wear my big coats LOL."

The busy mom of two also said she was watching "North in her Hula girl costume trying to Hula dance" and listening to Lil' Kim's "The Jumpoff."

Kim also said she was "wanting to do another Kylie Snap story."

Last week both Kim and Kylie used Snapchat to swap faces in a series of images. In the first one, Kylie tells Kim, "I've always wanted to look like you." And we hear Kim saying this is the "best face swap ever."

"I just think your face doesn't fit my head," Kylie tells Kim, and Kim agrees. "I always thought you had a really small face," Kim says.

Kim has used her website and her daily "Currently" posts in the past to praise her husband, even as he was under heavy fire for his social media tantrums, his SNL tirade and for his ill-advised blasting of Taylor Swift, claiming that he made her famous.

"LOVING My Husband," she wrote on Feb. 26. In the same post, Kim said she is "HATING That people don't get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art."

She said she is "WANTING Everyone to be as honest as Kanye."

With the firestorm of controversy surrounding Kanye, a report came out last month claiming that Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner was nervous that he was ruining the Kardashian brand due to his public outbursts.

A source, though, told People magazine that Kim will do whatever it takes for her marriage.

"Kim has faith in Kanye and a unique understanding of how he operates," a source said. "If there is anyone that can reach Kanye now, it's Kim. To Kanye, Kim is a queen."