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Take some business advice from Kim Kardashian West.

The 35-year-old reality star answered questions on her website and app on Thursday about what she's learned over the years as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

At the beginning when she set out to build her empire, she admits, "I didn't necessarily see the vision at the beginning, but I figured it out as I went along. It's just not an overnight thing. You are going to make mistakes and learn so much along the way, so the learning process is always really interesting."

Ready to learn, she has the true spirit of an entrepreneur. Kim is not afraid of failure.

"Failure teaches you so much, and your perception changes once you kind of get over those hurdles. Then you become positive again," she says. "You think, 'oh my God, it's not really working out anymore. Is my career over?' I think everyone goes through that, then something changes and all these positive things are happening, and you get all excited and re-energized again. You definitely go through ups and downs."

Kim has also faced challenges in launching new businesses but has managed to stay up to date with the changing times and digital age.

"The world is changing so fast, and everyone likes instant gratification; it's a challenge to keep up with all the social media platforms and keep a television show relevant, especially after 12 seasons," she admits. "It's been a challenge since everything is moving to digital, but we've managed to do it and I'm proud of that."

As a Kardashian, she has been lucky to have a supportive family behind her, and she opens up about what she and her sisters learned from their parents.

She credits her late father Robert Kardashian for instilling confidence in them and her mom Kris Jenner for teach them to not be lazy.

"Whatever we wanted to do, even on the weekends, we had to wake up at 7 a.m. and clean our whole room and make our beds first. She was just so militant about time," Kim shares. "All of that built character for us."

And of course her husband Kanye West is right by her side.

"I think my husband is my biggest supporter, as far as building confidence," she says. "I always do whatever I want, and he inspires me to be confident at it."

That kind of confidence is what money can't buy.