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You got something to say about Kim Zolciak-Biermann's marriage? Then shee has something to say to you, too.

Recently, the reality TV star's marriage to former NFL player Kroy Biermann has been hit with rumors of strain, especially after his release from the Buffalo Bills. So, Kim took to social media to blast the rumors in a series of obscenity-laced messages.

"These f--king idiots that write this s--t in the tabloids all for clicks on your website. You say that Kroy and I are at war because he's home with me so much. News flash, a-----es, he's played for the Falcons for 8 years, so he's always been f---ing home," she said on Snapchat. "On a more serious note, I really don't appreciate people talking s--- especially s--- that's not true because I have the most incredible husband in the world."

Kim and Kroy have been married since 2011. His career as an NFL player has been at a standstill after being released by the Falcons and Bills this year. Kim, though, is more eager to gush about Kroy the man, as opposed to Kroy the football player.

"I swear I'm like married to the king. He cleaned the whole house this morning...he cleaned the water fall out front," she gushed. "I swear he's like the most incredible human that's ever walked this planet and I failed to mention that he took Kash to the ER."

The couple has four biological children together. She also has two other children -- Brielle and Ariana -- from a previous relationships, although Kroy legally adopted both and they both consider him their father. And, they still have babies on the brain.

Kim poked fun at the rumors swirling around her relationship with one last quip about how she has "trapped" him, as some media outlets have reported.

"Hey, can I trap you with baby number seven?," she asked.

His answer? "Please."