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Has the scourge of 2016 claimed Kimye's romance, too?

Split rumors -- and denials thereof -- have dogged Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West for months. Those rumors gained traction over the Christmas holiday when Kanye was noticeably MIA from photos of Kris Jenner's holiday party, where a solo Kim got into the festive spirit alongside her sisters and friends.

In a new report from the Sun, a source said Kim "refused to let [her husband] come to her family's annual party on Christmas Eve despite the fact they have always attended as a couple," explaining that "she didn't want Kanye at her mom's Christmas bash this year, as she felt it was the first time she could really let her hair down."

The Sun claimed letting her hair down also meant ditching her wedding ring, which Kim reportedly did not wear to the party -- although GossipCop points out she's been going as minimal as possible with jewelry since she was robbed at gunpoint in October.

The tabloid's insider noted that Kanye watched a movie with friends that night, although he reportedly stopped by Kris' briefly before the shindig was over.

Kanye's rep has already denied the claims, telling the Daily Mail "the story is false. Kanye was at the party."

Earlier, Kimye tried to put aside whatever problems they may be having for the sake of their daughter, North, whom they took to see "The Nutcracker" in Los Angeles.

But an onlooker told the Sun the two "barely spoke or interacted inside" the theater, adding that "the tensions were visible" and that "neither of them are in a happy place right now."

Things didn't look good for Kimye the next day, either. On Christmas, they were spotted in a car with Kanye looking angry as he stared at Kim, who was on her phone and not making eye contact with her husband.

"Kim and Kanye's marriage is as good as over. It's looking bleak," said a source.

To be fair, the last few months have been challenging for both Kim and Kanye for different reasons, sparking them each to seek out therapy. Kim is still trying to recover from trauma related to her robbery in Paris while Kanye continues working on through the depression and stress that seem to have contributed to his breakdown and subsequent hospitalization last month.

Having canceled his Saint Pablo tour for the foreseeable future, Yeezus is reportedly focused on home renovations in addition to individual therapy.

The pair have not yet tried couples counseling, according to reports.

Amid seemingly constant rift rumors, multiple sources have told various outlets all is well chez Kimye.

"Kim and Kanye are 100% together," an insider told ET earlier this month. "They are like any normal couple where they do have to work at their marriage, and they do. Kim and Kanye's marriage is doing fine."