Who doesn't love a hot bartender?!

Remember that sexy bartender from "Kocktails with Khloe"? Yeah, so do we. Well, Mr. Hot Bartender, also known by his given name of Sharone Hakman, is shaking up something other than a martini and talking about his ex boss Khloe Kardashian's feelings on having her boozy talk show canceled.

The hunky mixologist (did we mention we think he's hot?!) talked to Cosmopolitan on April 21 and said he's "bummed" about the FYI network pulling the plug on the series after a mere season.

He also said that he thinks Khloe probably feels equally sad about getting the boot.

Sharone said, "I'm sure she was upset internally as well. No one wants to get a show canceled. It's a lot of people's jobs."

We aren't exactly sure what "upset internally" means -- but it sounds like, Khloe hasn't been showing sadness, but he's saying deep down she's upset over the cancellation ... like really, really, really deep down ...

By the by, fans of the show may have recognized Sharone's face. Wanna know why? That's because he competed on season one of "MasterChef" back in 2010.

The bartender also revealed how he found out he was getting the ax after the show's 14-episode run.

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"The production company shared it with me and gave me the news. Obviously quietly, saying, 'Hey, confidentially, we're probably getting canceled. But we'll find out in the next day or so if it's going to get canceled after the season, or if it's gonna just get canceled immediately,'" he explained. "When I found out, I was obviously bummed to hear."

The TV personality also said that the show's crew was shocked about the cancellation news.

Sharone said, "The reality is that I think we're all so surprised. It was rating well for the network, it was all positive." He added, "We were like, 'OK, cool, fans are liking it,' and we're all trying to wrap our heads around how we can continue to grow this and make this interesting and fun," he disclosed. "And then bam! It just sort of happened. Wow!"

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On April 6, news hit that "Kocktails With Khloe" was being canceled so that the reality star could focus on other ventures.

The sexy and svelte 31 year old shared a message later that day thanking her fans.

Khloe wrote, "Your support each week has meant more to me than you could imagine, and I'll continue to make time for our weekly chats. There are SO many exciting things coming up for me that I can't wait to share with you... I'm not going anywhere :) Love you always! XO."

We're sad to see Khloe go, but we're way sadder to see Sharone and his drink-making arms leave our televisions!

P.S. We hate to break the bad news, but Sharone has a wife and two adorable sons, but we can at least look ... and salivate!