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Surprise? What surprise!

In the newest cover story for Wonderland magazine, Kylie Jenner said she was hardly shocked when her dad, Caitlyn Jenner, revealed that she was transgender. In fact Kylie wishes her father would have come out sooner to finally be who he wanted to be.

"I mean, obviously I knew about it my whole life, but it was never admitted to and then it was all said and done," she told the magazine. "I honestly just wanted to not be lied to. I just wanted honesty and no secrets."

Kylie is long over that feeling of being slightly deceived though.

"I'm OK with everything, as long as everyone's honest," she said. "I want to encourage people to live their life, you know?"

Nowadays, Kylie is happy with the way things turned out. In fact, last year during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres she said she actually has a better relationship with Caitlyn than she had with Bruce Jenner, whom she called her father up until last year.

"I like her better than Bruce," she told the daytime host. "Because we talk about makeup and clothes and we bond a lot more."

And now, the whole Karadashian-Jenner family can go on living honestly.

She continued, "But not only that, I feel like there's not a huge secret in the family. I feel like there was always this big secret ... Now ... I feel like we hang out a lot more and there's no secrets. She's really living her authentic true self."

For Kylie, the past year has been an adventure in a lot of ways. Aside from Caitlyn's reveal, she turned 18 and was able to formally admit that she was dating 26-year-old Tyga, something that most people suspected. On that same day, Tyga gifted his girlfriend with a car. Many briefly assumed that that gift was a red G-Wagon SUV, but it was actually a Ferrari. Good thing, too, because it turns out that that G-Wagon hasn't been paid for.

In addition to the $120,000 worth of tax liens Tyga's facing, TMZ reports that a repo company has been trying to claim the vehicle since at least last month as he hasn't made a payment on the car since October. The docs list Kylie as Tyga's girlfriend and give her address as a possible place to repo the G-Wagon.

So far, the repo man has had no luck snagging it because it's reportedly parked behind Kylie's double security gates and they can't get in.