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Keeping up with Kylie Jenner and Tyga can be exhausting!

In a matter of a week, the couple split up, got back together and now are "best friends."

Kylie addressed her recent split with Ellen DeGeneres this week (for the Nov. 30 show) after the lovable host, in speaking about Kylie's love life, told the reality star to "straighten it out." Kylie initially seems coy, but after Ellen prodded, which she's so good at, Kylie dished.

"Okay, stop!" Jenner told Ellen and her audience. "No, we're not broken up. We just... Honestly, we became best friends before anything happened, so I think that, that's awesome. And we're just like, I don't know, hanging out. Living life."

A humorously confused Ellen asked, "What does that mean, 'Hanging out?'"

"That's it," the teen replied as a photo of her and cozying up to Tyga showed on a big screen behind. "We're still together."

As Kylie squirmed, Ellen continued prodding, bringing up the extravagant Ferrari that Tyga bought his girlfriend for her 18th birthday.

"I know, I drove it here," the smiling "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star said, to which Ellen replied, "Well, I mean, stay with him, he bought you a car!"

Just last week, neither Kylie nor Tyga were smiling about their situation after she pulled the plug on their relationship and didn't attend his 26th birthday party. At the time, the breakup was tied to "something Tyga did" and that Kylie was getting pressured by her famous family to end the relationship, a source told TMZ.

However, just two days later, Kylie and Tyga were spotted hand-in-hand while arriving at Justin Bieber's American Music Awards after-party in West Hollywood, Calif. They left the party the same way, hand-in-hand.

A day earlier, she took to Snapchat to post a photo from her couch that presumably showed her with Tyga. Certainly privy to reports of the couple's demise, she wrote, "Everyone needs to chill."