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Lamar Odom's family is getting more and more concerned about his increasingly not-so-sober behavior. So much so, that his children Destiny Odom and Lamar Jr. Odom, along with their mom and his ex-wife Liza Morales, planned him an intervention on July 22.

Us Weekly exclusively reports that the plan, which was also supported by Lam's aunt JaNean Mercer, included the help of an addiction specialist named Ron Dock.

They wanted to have the former NBA pro sent to Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center in Florida, for another round of rehab.

Lamar seemed to be on a good path for a while after recovering from his nearly fatal overdose in October 2015, but he's reportedly been drinking a lot again and maybe even smoking pot.

Earlier in July, he was even kicked off of a Delta flight to New York for allegedly being intoxicated and throwing up on himself.

An insider at the mag says that his kids are "so upset" about their dad's downward spiral ... again.

And worse yet, the intervention failed.

Lamar caught wind of the situation from a pal and fled his hotel in Manhattan before they could go through with it.

"The kids really wanted the intervention to happen. Everyone wants Lamar to get help," the source continues.

Meanwhile, his other ex Khloe Kardashian had been trying to keep him on the straight and narrow while he was living nearby in Calabasas, California. But, he now seems to be stationed back in New York for a while.

She filed for divorce from him for the second time on May 26.