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He doesn't know what to do.

On Aug. 23, The National Enquirer published a bombshell report claiming that Larry King's wife of 19 years, Shawn Southwick King, had been carrying on a year-long affair.

The veteran television and radio host, 82, was said to have been blindsided by the revelation but in the days following the cheating scandal, he and Shawn, 56, publicly put on a united front.

Now, a few weeks after the news made headlines, Page Six reports that Larry is flip-flopping as he contemplates ending the marriage -- his eighth.

"[He] swings back and forth on whether to file [divorce] papers," an insider told Page Six.

The New York Post's gossip column reports that members of Larry's camp want him to call time on the marriage, but that Shawn is determined to remain "Mrs. Larry King" and has been exerting a powerful influence over Larry to stick it out.

"He's very emotional, and depending on the time of day or how he's feeling, the answer changes," an insider told Page Six, which on Aug. 25 named public speaking guru Richard Greene -- who's appeared on "Back and Forth With Shawn and Larry King," the podcast Shawn produces with Larry -- as Shawn's "other man."

"Sometimes he's ready to pull the trigger, sometimes he wants to stick it out," the insider added.

Larry and Shawn appeared on the Hallmark Channel not long after news of the scandal broke but Larry seemed to brush off the allegations by referring to them as a "rumor." On Aug. 30, he and Shawn even appeared holding hands in public.

But behind the scenes, "He's miserable. It's hard to see someone that old that unhappy," a source close to the former CNN star told Page Six.

"He's clearly being manipulated and yet somehow paralyzed by indecision and fear," the source close to Larry added. "It's very difficult to watch."

Back in 2010, both Larry and Shawn filed for divorce following reports that he'd cheated on her with her younger sister and that she'd been unfaithful with one of their sons' baseball coaches.

They reconciled a month later and withdrew the divorce petitions.

Larry and Shawn are parents to two boys: Chance, 17, and Cannon, 16.