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"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer has been on the receiving end of a lot of body shaming this week after posting a photo to Instagram of her in a bikini.

Fans were adamant that she was far too skinny these days, despite having three children.

In the snap, Leah stands by an above-ground pool with her two other family members. She dons a mismatched pink two-piece and a very, very flat tummy.

"What would I do without my boos!? #sisters #cousins #Family #Pool #Summer2016," the oft-troubled star captioned the image, in which she sports a huge smile. Clearly she was unaware of the firestorm of criticism that was about to engulf her.

Many of her 920,000 followers began commenting on her look and it was not positive.

"She needs some meat on her bones she doesn't look healthy," one person wrote. Another said, "Jeesus! eat a burger gf."

"I just hope she is ok. She's probably stressed!," one person speculated, adding, "This does not look healthy and neither do her teeth. I can see being concerned."

Another said, "Please take care of yourself and get out of that world."

Of course, there were people coming to her defense, with many saying she looks good. Other people defended her while still acknowledging that there could be an issue.

"If I had three kids and looked like her. I would be one happy woman," one person said. "Maybe she has a health problem such as thigh roid problems..? You'll never know cause it's not your business as a fan. Get over your self grow up and find something better to do then rare someone else down."

For two days, Leah chose not to comment. However, when SheKnows commented about her body, saying "fans have a right to be concerned" about the reality star's "drastic weight loss," Leah fought back.

"I'm not sure I've LOST drastic weight, idiots," she said, posting a collage of pictures of herself. "The first picture is in 2011 right after my twins were born."

She then told SheKnows to "please go talk s--- about everyone thinking PLASTIC is the new trend. Have a good day😉."

"Stop downgrading other And UPLIFT them!," she continued. Another tweet said, "not even necessarily 'plastic' just others not being happy with who they are because of ppl like you and articles like so."