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Rumors of Lindsay Lohan's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The "Mean Girls" actress was once a blossoming star in her younger years, but she fell from public favor after way too many run-ins with the law, sometimes due to her well-documented struggles with alcohol.

But, thanks in large part to her fiance, Egor Tarabasov, she's is on the road to redemption and has been strategically getting rid of bad influences from her past.

"When she moved to London she changed her phone number and email addresses," a source told the New York Post. "She even changed her phone number and email address again since she's been in London to weed out any temptation from old friends."

In the late 2000s, Lindsay was seen more on tabloid covers, thanks to her wild ways, than she was seen on the big screen. Since then, she's had no real major roles in Hollywood films. That could change though, the source tells the Page Six gossip section of the Post.

"She's taken time off, really focused on her healthy lifestyle and is ready to get back to work," the source said. "She will never move back [to Los Angeles] - it's a very unsafe place for her with a lot of bad memories, but there's still interest in the studios to work with her."

Egor, whom Lindsay got engaged to in April, has been a big supporter of her attempt to reinvent herself. He's got the seal of approval from Lindsay's father, too.

"Egor is not a good influence, he's a great influence," Michael Lohan said earlier this year. "He has a lot of strong connections in Russia - these are big people and they're very supportive [of her career]. He wants things to be in the right place for Lindsay and he's wise beyond his years."

The Post's source implies that the former child star, now 30, has been pouring over many potential film projects that would see her back on the big screen again.

"She still stays up late," the source said, "but nowadays she's at home in London reading scripts rather than going out."

Hollywood loves a good comeback story.