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Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan shared several images on Instagram insinuating that her fiance, Egor Tarabasov, was cheating on her with a Russian hooker, messages she has since taken down.

What a difference a few days make! On Monday, the actress, who lives in London, took to Instagram to plead with the world to stop talking about her personal life. The plea also comes as video was released of a woman who appears to be Lindsay accusing a man, who appears to be Egor, of trying to kill her.

"I would appreciate if these speculations regarding my personal life would respectfully come to a halt," she captioned a photo of a puff of clouds in the shape of a heart. "Unfortunately, a private matter has become more public than I can control and I would be extremely grateful if my fiancé and myself could discuss our personal matters on our own. There are more important things going on in the world than our relationship. Please leave us be to solve our personal matters."

The fact that she continues to call Egor her "fiancé" indicates that she's willing to work through their issues.

The oft-troubled actress' strange weekend started on July 22 when she posted a Snapchat, saying, "My fiance's being really angry at me, but I'm drinking water to get him to come home. Honey, come home, please," she said in the clip she captioned "ET phone home."

The following day, she shared a photo of herself and Egor on Instagram -- except his face was scribbled out. She captioned this pic, "He wore black and I wore white.... 🙉🙈🙊⚓️ I guess #art is whatever you make of it."

After this she shared a now-deleted photo of Egor at a nightclub, thanking him for not coming home. She also tweeted "Home?" with a link to a now-deleted pic of Egor inside a nightclub or party and accused him of spending time with PA5H creative director Dasha Pashevkina, whom she referred to as a prostitute. "Wow thanks #fiance with Russian hooker @dasha_pa5h," Lindsay wrote before sharing the woman's home and email addresses in a tirade that also strangely included Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin hashtags, according to multiple reports.

As if that all wasn't strange enough, she then hit us all with another bombshell on July 23, posting a link to to one of her old movie trailers with an eyebrow-raising message: "lindsay lohan labour pains trailer - I am pregnant!!"

On July 24, a grainy video was posted to UK's The Sun in which a woman has an absolute meltdown on the balcony of an apartment in front of a man. The newspaper claims it's Lindsay and Egor and said the video was shot at 5 am the previous day.

In the video, the woman, presumably Lindsay, calls the man a "f------ psycho" and claimed her attacked her.

"He just strangled me. He almost killed me," she can be heard saying. She later shouted her address and name into the air. "Please please please. He just strangled me," the woman says. "He almost killed me. Everybody will know. Get out of my house."

She was also heard shouting to Egor, who is outside on the balcony, "I'm done. I don't love you anymore. You tried to kill me. You're a f------ psycho. We are finished."

"No Egor you've been strangling me constantly. You can't strangle a woman constantly and beat the s--- out of her and think it's ok," she says. "Everybody saw you touch me. It's filmed. Get out! Get out."

It turns out that neighbors heard her pleas and took them seriously, with many calling the police. Several reports say that no one was home when the police arrived, prompting them to kick in the door of the home, thinking the woman, presumably Lindsay, was in danger.

According to TMZ, Lindsay has been "telling friends the relationship is violent at times."

On Monday, before her plea for privacy, Lindsay was spotted fleeing town, heading for Heathrow airport.