Louis Tomlinson's baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, has a clear message to his new girlfriend: Their baby, Freddie, only has one mom and it ain't you!

Danielle Campbell, Louis' new lady, caught the ire of Briana after pictures were snapped showing the couple on the beach with 6-month-old baby Freddie. Really, they looked like a normal family.

But, Briana certainly didn't think this was all so picture perfect.

Moments after photos were published of the One Directioner's day at the beach, Briana tweeted, "You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son's mother."

Louis and Briana's relationship has been contentious, at best, ever since Freddie was born. In February, they reached a temporary custody agreement after he alleged that she wasn't letting him see their son.

Shortly after the baby's birth in January, sources said Louis was happy and expected Briana, who works in Los Angeles as a stylist, to be "an amazing mother."

However, that hasn't stopped others from blasting Briana, something she addressed at length on social media on July 3.

"To all those who feel the need to make disparaging, hateful and inappropriate comments concerning me and my son Freddie - I am sincerely sorry that you all have chosen to focus your time and attention on my life and the life of my son. Surely you must have better things to do than pry into the personal life of a single mom and newborn child.

"I am a proud new mother that is extremely joyous about my child being in this world and have shared that joy with my friends and family on a daily basis - often times through social media. However, that does not give anyone the right, or an invitation to be nasty and disparaging towards me. So, please stop prying into the private and personal facts of my life and my son's life in order to weave stories and peak public interest.

"The things that you discuss, and the sources that you rely on are extremely off base and unreliable. More importantly, every mature and experienced adult should know that there is always more to a story than meets the eye - especially involving matters of the heart. I am confident that in the days and weeks to come, you all will find that your negativity and venomous attacks were little more than time wasted.

"In the meantime - I am hopeful that you all will respect my son's privacy and find it in your hearts to discontinue the overwhelmingly inappropriate comments about me, my family and most importantly, my son Freddie. Thank you."