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After a long custody battle that has played out in the public eye, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are finally due in court on March 2. The divorced couple are disputing the custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco.

TMZ exclusively reports that Madonna very recently decided to change her strategy when it comes to getting custody of the teenager. Whereas she previously planned to focus on Guy's parenting skills -- which Madonna deems too lax -- she's reportedly now attempting to win her son back with love, taking to social media to proclaim her affections for Rocco.

Madonna's original plan focused around the fact that Guy's parenting causes Rocco to suffer. She's previously cited the fact that Rocco is not currently going to school, spends a lot of time in skate parks, and is allowed to smoke and do whatever he wants while under Guy's care in London. Rocco has been living under these conditions with his dad since December 2015.

Madonna, on the other hand, is a disciplined parent. The star reportedly is strict and controlling, which contributed to the fact that Rocco prefers living overseas with his father.

With this new strategy, Madonna is attempting to use a much softer tactic. She has utilized social media to help her cause, posting throwback photos of her son with emotional captions. Most recently she posted a photo of Rocco looking happy and shirtless, captioning the snap, "I miss this boy so full of life so full@of@love💛! I hope we see that Leo Sun soon. The light is blinding!"

The singer has also used the outlet to post photos of herself with a much younger Rocco, always adding the same sentiment about how much she misses her son.

By reminding him of her love via social media, Madonna hopes he reconsiders returning to the United States to live with his mother. The teenager will have a say in where he wants to live, and has chosen to remain with his father up until this point.

As for exes Madonna and Guy, TMZ's sources say the pair fail to get along, and even "aggressively dislike" each other. The two split back in 2008. When it comes to the custody disagreements, a source close to the couple shared with the outlet, "She always has to be right. It's her nature. She and Guy have disagreed on every [child rearing] decision they talk about, and it's made her feel like he's a bad parent."