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You think you have it bad, ex-wise? Think again. Madonna's former boyfriend, Dan Gilroy, helpfully passed along personal documents from their relationship including love letters and videos of Madge and Dan in bed together to a filmmaker making an unauthorized documentary about the Queen of Pop.

Page Six reports Dan, also a singer, provided "hours of tape and stacks of letters and photos" to director Guy Guido for his forthcoming movie, "Emmy and the Breakfast Club."

The film reportedly covers Madonna circa 1979 - 1982, including a period when she was living with Dan and his brother in an abandoned synagogue in Queens.

Among the revealing missives featured in the doc are "sweet little love notes that [Madonna] would leave for Dan" and "very poetic love letters ­expressing her feelings for him and the struggles of their relationship," the director told Page Six.

Madonna and Dan dated when she was the drummer for his band, "The Breakfast Club," according to Wikipedia.

"He stuck a guitar in my hand and tuned it to an open chord so that I could strum. That really clicked something off in my brain," she told Rolling Stone in a feature in 1984, describing how she and Dan initially met and became close.

She landed a gig in Paris but Dan continued to write to her while she was in Europe.

"He was my saving grace," she told the mag. His letters were so funny. He'd paint a picture of an American flag and write over it, like it was from the president, 'We miss you. You must return to America.' He really made me feel good."

After pneumonia forced her to return to the U.S., she moved in with Dan and Ed Gilroy and began checking out other instruments.

"My intensive musical training," she recalled. "It was one of the happiest times of my life. I really felt loved. Sometimes I'd write sad songs and he'd sit there and cry. Very sweet."

The movie is expected to be finished by January 2017. It will be the first major documentary about the singer since 2007's "The Madonna Story: The True Story Behind The Queen Of Pop."

Her rep did not respond to Page Six's request for a comment.

The Material Girl turns 58 this week on Aug. 16.