The holidays aren't quite over for Mariah Carey.

After making her usual pilgrimage to Aspen, Colo., over Christmas, Mimi hit the beach for a little sun -- and camera -- worshipping.

The singer shared an album of pics from a photo shoot she staged by the water on Australia's Ponde Islands, showing off her trim bod in a skin tight, low-cut red wetsuit.

"6th grade revisited "I'll beat you in a race." #nevermadethetrackteam#eternally12 #shakeandbake," she captioned a photo of her running alongside a little girl.

#babygirlisinthelead #missmonroe

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In another race pic, she took on her daughter, Monroe.

#flippingoutoverthebeach #pondeislands

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"#flippingoutoverthebeach#pondeislands" she wrote alongside a third.

#stillwishingforthesnow #yetpondesand!!!

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In a fourth photo, Mimi propped herself up on her knees, arms outstretched as sand granules flew past her grinning, camera-ready face.

Mariah and her twin reportedly headed Down Under on her boyfriend James Packer's private jet, according to the Daily Mail. After arriving, they're rumored to have caught up with the billionaire at his family's estate.