The unicorn-bedazzled record Mariah Carey appears to be riding through the sky on in her new tour promotion graphic could use a speed boost.

The singer showed up nearly an hour late to her concert in Leeds, England, on March 17, leaving her frustrated fans plenty of idle time to kvetch about the delay.

The Daily Mail reports Mimi was slated to take the stage at First Direct Arena at 8:45 p.m. By the time she showed up at 9:30, her audience had already blown up Twitter with gripes.

"Excuse me Mariah Carey, but there are 10,000 people in Leeds waiting for you. Care to join us? #late," read one post.

Another described "lots of boos Lots of boos as we wait for Mariah at the FD Arena. 45 minutes late and counting" and complained the ticket wasn't worth 70 pounds (or about $100).

Earlier in the day, Mimi assured fans she was counting down the hours until the show, writing an Emoji-packed message on Instagram and Twitter that read, "#lambs on my way !! Three more hours !!"

As showtime neared, she hopped on social media again, admitting, "My darling #Lambs! As much as I hate leaving this fabulous bed at the @CorinthiaLondon, I am on my way to see you all in Leeds in 30 mins!"

If said fabulous bed was too luxurious for Mariah to give up, it may have been because she burned so much midnight oil a few days before.

As soon as she landed in the UK, the singer reportedly beelined for a rehearsal venue (where "a crate of Moet" awaited her) and stayed up most of the night getting ready for her Glasgow performance.

Unfortunately, that noble rehearsal effort was marred by negative headlines too.

Sources said she'd send her assistants out into the dark on a 3 a.m. grocery run to stock up on supplies to entertain her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, who have apparently joined their mom on tour.

On the bright side, Mariah's tardiness pales in comparison to Madonna's three-hours-late arrival at her January concert in Nashville, Tenn.

Two months later, Madge indulged in what was widely reported as a meltdown that involved falling down, begging for sex from the stage and taking a swig of tequila out of an audience member's flask, leading some to wonder whether the singer's failed bid to win back her son, Rocco, was affecting her work.

Maybe concerns unrelated to music -- liker her forthcoming Caribbean wedding or new reality series -- held up Mimi in Leeds, too.