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Marisa Miller is feeling the heat of the judicial system!

The model and her management company lost a $1 million verdict in court after a jury sided with a tanning company that was suing her for breach of contract.

According to Glissin, which makes sunless products, Marisa was supposed to act as a spokesperson. However, the lawsuit said she never followed through on most of her duties as the brand ambassador, despite having paid her $1.8 million.

TMZ reported that the jury ruled that Marisa didn't fulfill her obligations with the tanning goods company and forced her to pay them $300,000. Cartel Management, her management company run by her husband, will cover the remaining $700,000.

According to the federal lawsuit, filed in June 2015, the Sports Illustrated model was supposed to hawk tanning salons, tanning lotions and sprays, and develop her own line of products bearing her name.

Court documents said that she has also agreed to doing seven print ads, a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot and multiple media appearances. But, TMZ reports that she only provided one 30-second video and one social media post about Glissin.

The company also took issue with Marisa for allegedly recommending they open a salon in Los Angeles, yet she never appeared there.

Glissin had sued for the money they paid her, plus the money they paid in expenses for the deal.

For someone who's life has been nothing short of beautiful, it sounds like the whole thing just wasn't pretty from the get go.