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Martha Stewart doesn't play by the rules in her dating life.

The "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" star spoke to Wendy Williams on Thursday, Dec. 15 about her love life and revealed she likes younger men ... like a lot younger!

The 75-year-old said her last boyfriend was four decades younger than her.

"He looked older, he had a little gray in his hair," she said, "but he was 34 years old or something, but he was very fun, very fun."

Evan Martha admits that that's a little young for her.

"I went on a trip to Egypt and I took this guy with me and I thought, he'll be fun. And he was so much fun," she said. "I had all my nieces and nephews with me and during the trip I found out he was younger than my daughter. I had no idea!"

She said she was clueless as to his age when they were dating. Although Martha didn't reveal who the mystery man was or how long they dated, she said that it was more than just a fling and she did consider him her "boyfriend."

Martha is now single, but said, "I'm dating a little here and there." Her ideal man, she said, is "not older, definitely not older, about 10 years younger."

She joked that perhaps she'll find a man during an upcoming family vacation she's taking for Christmas.

"I just wanna have fun," she said of what she wants for herself for Christmas.

Truthfully, she's having fun on her cooking show opposite her pal Snoop Dogg.

"He's no natural and at ease," she said. Speaking specifically about their VH1 show, she said, "I call this a merging of cultures. And Snoop likes that. And that's what we're doing … we're merging different cultures and wonderful recipes."