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Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Meek Mill will be spending a lot of time at home after a judge sentenced him to house arrest for up to a year for probation violation.

With the ruling, Meek will avoid time behind bars.

Meek has been on probation since 2009 for a gun and drug conviction. However, he skipped town in November without telling his probation officer and he failed a pee test. In December a judge listened intently as Nicki droned on and on about how her man has changed and was a productive member of society.

The judge certainly did Meek a solid. In his ruling, the Philadelphia judge technically sentenced the rapper to 6 to 12 months in county jail, but he said he could serve it on house arrest, where he'll have to wear an ankle bracket to track his moves.

TMZ reports that Meek will do a minimum of 90 days on house arrest and will not be able to work, but he can do charitable work or community service away from his nest.

In fact, Meek hasn't been able to leave Pennsylvania for a few months after his November travel faux pas, when he headed to the American Music Awards without approval.

Meek was also supposed to ring in the new year with Nicki in Las Vegas' Drais nightclub, too, but he had to cancel because of his probation status.

TMZ reported that after three months the judge will reevaluate Meek's progress and determine if he should remain under house arrest.

Nicki was reportedly in the courthouse as the ruling was handed down.

Meek now has until March 1 to turn himself in, where he will be fitted with the ankle bracelet.