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Day-um girl! Melissa McCarthy has been showing off her incredible weight loss all year now, but she may have shown us her best look yet.

Before filming for "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the "Spy" star waved at photographers while looking especially slim in a black turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans and a long jacket, covering up most of her body. And, she gave every woman shoe envy with her lace up red heels. Even with all the layers, Melissa looked incredible.

News of her weight loss is nothing new, although she's never publicly disclosed how many pounds she's shed. In August, it was believed that she was down 50 pounds. That number has certainly grown now.

This summer, she set out to prove that fashion choices don't need to be limited just because of weight. So, she debuted her first fashion collection, a line aimed at female inclusion, something that really didn't exist when she was a heavier-set woman growing up.

"People don't stop at a size 12," she said while speaking to More magazine in August. "I feel like there's a big thing missing where you can't dress to your mood above a certain number."

She said she doesn't understand "these crazy rules" for women who aren't super thin.

"Only wear solids? Don't wear bright colors? That's not real. Somebody made up these rules, and I disagree," she said, adding that malls are culprits, too, as they "segregate plus-size" women. "It's an odd thing that you can't go shopping with your friends because your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section."

"When I was 22, I met with some janky manager, and she told me, 'You're never going to work at this weight.' I think I was a size 6 at the time," she recalled. "There is just this weird thing about how we perceive women in this country. I would love to be a part of breaking that down."

In her line, sizes range form 4 to 28.

Clothing size ain't 'nothin but a number.