Michelle Pfeiffer has been reunited with a piece of cinematic nostalgia.

On Friday, the actress posted a video with an old friend: her whip from 1992's "Batman Returns."

"Look what I found," she said, holding up the weathered whip, adding that it "needs a little TLC."

Michelle, 60, famously starred as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman from the film, which also starred Michael Keaton and Danny Devito.

Michelle nearly recreated her character another time, it was revealed last year when writer John August said he pitched a "Batman" sequel based on Catwoman.

"Catwoman at Warners in 1998. Sequel with Michelle Pfeiffer returning. Producer excited," he tweeted. "After pitch, exec insisted it needed to be Sarah Michelle Gellar and involve hair-washing scene, then showed me 'Matrix' trailer."

John also shared several pictures from his movie pitch.

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Michelle's latest tweet comes just two months after joining Instagram. In her Instagram debut, she reverted back to Catwoman, sharing a throwback clip of her character acrobatically making her way toward Batman and Penguin. After reaching them, she simply says, "Meow."

In a chat with Vanity Fair, she opened up about why she joined Instagram in the first place.

"I just started realizing that I tend to get very curious because so many of my friends have started to engage on Instagram and they seem to be having a lot of fun with it, and I think that I realized that it's actually a really good way to engage with people, and potentially with my fans," she told the magazine's website. "I think the other thing is that I'm really sort of full-throttle back working now, and so I think it is also an opportunity to share what's going on with me."