American Express is suing Mickey Rourke, claiming he stiffed them out of over $51,000.

The Blast obtained court documents that show the actor owes Amex $51,059.95. Court records show that Amex canceled the account in July after he failed to pay the debt.

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The "Sin City" star has not responded to the lawsuit.

Mickey has always had a strange relationship with money. In a 2009 interview with the Daily Mail, he said, "I never had much respect for money and when you spend it like I did, it soon goes."

"I bought six Cadillacs with cash and gave them away. In 1986 I paid $97,000 for a car that had belonged to the Shah of Iran. It had been his desert car and was bulletproof, so it was really heavy and couldn't even make it up to my house in the Hollywood Hills," he said. "Then one day the hydraulic windows stopped working, so I sold it for $20,000. I owned it for two months and drove it five times. That's about $20,000 a drive."

He added, "You can only spend so much and you cannot take it with you, so for me leaving a good body of work is more important. I live just within my means and have a good time. All I've ever wanted to do is have a great time and deal with great people. I'm only as rich as my next film."

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In that same interview, he said he was dead broke for a while, but shielded his money woes from nearly everyone.

"I'm a very proud man, and being in LA, which is a town built on envy, you're only as good as your last film," he said. "Nobody knew just how broke I was. I was paying $500 a month for a one-room apartment with a yard for my dogs. A friend used to give me a couple of hundred dollars a month just to feed myself. I'd be calling up my ex-wife and crying like a baby."