'Modern' goodbye

'Modern Family' cast reacts to their series finale on social media

It's the end of a "Modern" era: On April 8, "Modern Family" aired its emotional series finale.

The stars of the beloved and award-winning ABC sitcom took to social media that night and the next morning to reflect, offer gratitude and share love with one another and their fans after 11 seasons.

Jill Greenberg/ABC

"Just like that, it's over," Jesse Tyler Ferguson wrote alongside a photo of himself taking a selfie as the cast said goodbye. "11 years of my life spent with these beautiful souls. you all have played such a huge part in the forming of my being. I will never forget. I'm definitely gonna miss this. To the fans, Thank you for standing with us through it all. We owe it all to you." He also told his co-stars in another post, "wish I could hug you all tonight after the show. I love this family so so much. ❤️."

Sofia Vergara posted the same pic as Jesse and captioned it, "I will love my american family forever❤️❤️❤️❤️."

Jesse's TV husband, Eric Stonestreet, shared an image of the cast hugging at the bottom of the Dunphy family's stairs. "To my TV family. In 11 years there has been so much we have all been through individually and uniquely together. @brothersosborne is right. We ain't getting out of this love alive. ❤️ you all," he wrote.

"Thank you to my fake family. I love you," Julie Bowen wrote on Instagram alongside a snapshot of herself talking to her old castmates on Zoom.

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Thank you to my fake family. I love you.

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Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to tell fans, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. To put it in Bachelor terms, I've had an incredible journey with this show," she captioned a slideshow of photos including some of her and her younger co-stars as kids and now as adults. "Our cast and crew were always phenomenal and we very quickly grew to be a real life #modernfamily I will miss these people tremendously but am so grateful I was lucky enough to work with them." She also shared a fun snapshot of herself talking to her old co-stars on Zoom.

Ariel Winter shared a loving goodbye to fans along with a slideshow of photos on Instagram, calling herself "so lucky." She also posted a fun shot on her Instagram Stories of herself chatting online with the other all-grown-up kids from "Modern Family."


Nolan Gould shared an absolutely crushing photo of himself crying as he embraces his colleagues. "11 years of laughs, tears, and love. Can't believe it's over. So much love for the best damn cast and crew in Hollywood who've made me who I am today. I wouldn't be the same without you. What a journey it's been. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and helped get me here. Thank you to my family and friends," he captioned the heartbreaking snapshot. "I hope that our finale brought laughter and hope in these crazy times. I hope that you laughed, cried, and were able to escape for a bit. Remember that there's nothing more important than the love we share for our fellow humans. You'll always be part of our family. Thank you."

Rico Rodriguez posted a shot of Sofia taking a selfie of the cast. "When I was 9 years old, I started work on a pilot called 'My American Family.' As an actor, you go through a long process for a job. Class after class, audition after audition, just hoping to get that right opportunity in front of the right casting director so you can show them your skills. Filming the pilot, then all of season one of what we now know as 'Modern Family,' I knew we were working on something special," he wrote in part.

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When I was 9 years old, I started work on a pilot called "My American Family". As an actor, you go through a long process for a job. Class after class, audition after audition, just hoping to get that right opportunity in front of the right casting director so you can show them your skills. Filming the pilot, then all of season one of what we now know as "Modern Family", I knew we were working on something special. I could feel it. Coming to work every day with my cast and crew never actually felt like work, it felt more like hanging out with my extended family. 11 years later and here we are airing our final episodes tonight. Words cannot even begin to describe the life changing experience I have had on this show. I have, quite literally, grown up right before everyone's eyes. Starting @abcmodernfam, Manny was someone who was very opposite to myself, but overtime our personalities have rubbed off on each other. Our fan base here and around the world is something I appreciate so much. A big reason why I loved working on this show, was the family atmosphere on and off the camera. We are showcasing something that will forever be relatable, family. When fans come up to me and say "can I hug you? I feel like you're my son, or nephew, or cousin." It makes me laugh, because that's what our show's true message has always been. Family. No matter what type of day you have, you can turn on the tv on Wednesday nights and get a laugh or two from your tv family. Thank you Chris Lloyd & @stevelevitan for creating Manny. Thank you @jeffgreenbergcd for believing I was the best choice. Thank you Jeff Morton for always keeping the ship sailing. Thank you to all of our writers for writing the funny, emotional & relatable moments, week after week. Thank you to ABC and 20th Century for this opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you to my Team Rodriguez for always believing in me. Thank you to my parents, my siblings, & all of my family & friends for always being by my side throughout my acting journey. But especially thank you to our fans, who have continued to watch our show for the past 11 seasons. I hope you all tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC & celebrate with us one final time. ❤

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"I could feel it. Coming to work every day with my cast and crew never actually felt like work, it felt more like hanging out with my extended family," Rico added. "11 years later and here we are airing our final episodes tonight. Words cannot even begin to describe the life changing experience I have had on this show. I have, quite literally, grown up right before everyone's eyes."

Conservatorship battle

Britney Spears' doctors want dad removed from conservatorship: Report

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, is losing supporters at a rapid pace, including the pop star's personal conservator and a team of medical professionals.

On July 29, Jodi Montgomery, Brit's personal conservator, filed legal documents asking the court to remove Jamie as conservator of Britney's business affairs and estate, claiming the singer's doctors are urging for his ousting.

Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Jodi, according to TMZ, argued that it would be in Britney's best interest to have Jamie removed. The development could have huge ramifications. "If her medical doctors and therapists think Jamie's presence is tormenting Britney, that is probably enough for the judge to boot him from the conservatorship," the report said.

Like Britney, Jodi believes that Jason Rubin should be put in charge of the estate, as he's a CPA with credentials who is unrelated to the "Toxic" singer. For Britney, it seems that she wants someone impartial to run her estate, at least for the time being, as she's railed against her family for months. She's called for her father to be thrown in jail for "conservatorship abuse" and said her entire family has done "nothing" to support her.

Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

Since her bombshell testimony last month, Britney has been on the offensive in her bid to end the conservatorship that's run her life for the past 13 years. On July 14, a judge allowed her to hire her own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, in her quest. Mathew has since officially filed paperwork asking a judge to remove Jamie.

Britney and her new attorney argued that Jamie has essentially terrorized the pop star over the course of the conservatorship. The documents say that father and daughter have a "venomous" relationship that's "traumatizing, insane and depressing."

"It impairs Ms. Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career," the docs allege, while also claiming Jamie is ill-equipped to even handle Britney's business affairs. 

Co-star fight

Alyssa Milano reveals why she doesn't speak to former 'Charmed' co-star

There's a rift among the Halliwell sisters.

Alyssa Milano is slightly opening up about her strained relationship with her "Charmed" co-star Rose McGowan. The women are no longer on speaking terms, and haven't been for a while. 

Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

While on TikTok this week, Alyssa answered some of the "most frequently asked questions" about her career. After saying that Phoebe Halliwell from "Charmed" was one of her favorite characters, Alyssa was asked if she still speaks to her co-stars, including Rose, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty.

"I speak to Holly," she responded. 

The WB/REX/Shutterstock

A fan then pestered, "Care to explain why you don't talk to Rose?? Of course not!!"

Unflinchingly, Alyssa wrote back, "Because she's been publicly very hurtful to me and my family. Simple as that. Love her always though. I hope she heals and finds solace."

The spat between the women isn't exactly news, as they've publicly feuded in the past. TooFab points out that the women had it out for each other on Twitter in 2020 over politics. Rose then accused Alyssa of profiting off the #MeToo movement — which Rose called "my movement" —and of creating a "toxic" environment on "Charmed."

"You co-opted my movement, the Cultural Reset, for fame, jealous of me for outing my rapist," Rose tweeted. "You made 250k per week on 'Charmed.' You threw a fit in front of the crew, yelling, 'They don't pay me enough to do this s—!"

David Fisher/Shutterstock

She added, "Appalling behavior on the daily. I cried every time we got renewed because you made that set toxic AF," she added. "Now, get off my coattails you f–king fraud."

Rose has also previously said plainly, "I don't like her" when referring to Alyssa. 

Robbery accessory

Jean-Claude Van Damme unwittingly aids in jewelry heist

Jean-Claude Van Damme seemed to be an accessory to a crime through no fault of his own… and without even knowing it.

Earlier this week, the action star was reportedly visiting an eye wear store in Paris. Unbeknownst to Jean-Claude, at the same time he was at the optician, a crook was robbing a nearby jeweler, to the tune of about $3.5 million in jewels.

Richard Milnes/Shutterstock

The street, according the The Guardian, was bustling with witnesses. However, the "Bloodsport" actor's presence seem to take everyone's attention away from the heist and onto him. In fact, the report says that many would-be witnesses told authorities they recalled seeing Jean-Claude but none seemed to notice or hear anything else amiss.

Staff within the store told police that a man pretended to be customer interested in high-end gems. The man then pulled out a knife, none of which was seen through the windowed doorway. Additionally, no one on the street seemed to notice the crook getting away on electric green, scooter while carrying a bag of jewelry either.

Two men were eventually found and arrested in connection with the crime, but not because of witnesses in the area (who obviously had their eyes glued on Jean-Claude). Surveillance footage assisted in the capture of the thieves. Police said they recovered a "substantial part" of the stolen property.

Town damaged

George Clooney, wife caught up in catastrophic Northern Italy floods

George Clooney and his family had an unfortunate front row seat to the devastating floods, hail storms and mudslides that hit northern Italy this week.

The "Ocean's 11" star was vacationing at his home in Lake Como when the extreme weather hit. Photos out of Italy showed George assessing the damage with Mayor Roberto Pozzi. 

James Veysey/REX/Shutterstock

The Sun reported that George, his wife, Amal, and their 4-year-old twins, were not hurt. The area around their vacation home in Laglio, however, was marred with downed trees, mud and rocks. The once-picturesque town is now unrecognizable.

AFP via Getty Images

"It's so much worse than anybody thinks. We were in Cernobbio and it was very bad, but here in Laglio it's much worse," George reportedly told Italian media, via The Sun. "They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up."

"This town has been here forever, it's going to continue and it's going to be stronger and come back better. This is a very resilient town," he added. 

Reports claim more than 60 people had to be rescued as result of the weather event.

The A-list purchased his Lake Como home in 2002 for a reported $14 million. The 18th-century villa is stunning, as it features 25 rooms, an outdoor theater and a swimming pool. 

Chelsea Lauren/BAFTA/Shutterstock

"We had three days of continuous rain and then all hell broke loose and we were flooded with an amazing wall of water and debris from the mountain," the mayor told the UK outlet, adding that the town looks like a "disaster zone."

"Four houses have been destroyed and those families are being given alternative accommodation," he said. "The noise and the strength of the water were amazing. I have never seen anything like it. This will take many days to clear up. George and his family are here and the road near their house is impassable in places but they are safe and there was no damage to their property."

This isn't the first time one of George and Amal's homes have faced severe weather. Just last year their $13 million Berkshire, England, estate "suffered major flood damage" after Storm Dennis struck the region.

New look

Fred Durst debuts a shocking new look on Instagram

Where's Fred Durst, and what have you done with him?

Fred Durst, the famous frontman of Limp Bizkit, debuted a new look on Instagram this week, and he is completely unrecognizable.

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

For years, the singer was known for his trademark backward baseball hat (usually red) and goatee. Those days are long gone, as evidenced on social media.

On July 27, fans were shocked after Fred posted a selfie that shows him with groomed handlebar mustache and wavy gray hair — the new selfie came after Fred scrubbed his Instagram. The new snap is the only photo posted to his feed.

"Thinking about you 70," he captioned the photo.

After the post, fans jumped all over Fred and commented on the transformation. He was compared to Hulk Hogan, Bon Jovi, Richard Gere, David Spade, Julian Assange and a "youth group leader at a hip mega church."

The jokes poured in.

"Fred Durst looks like he's got into flipping houses on HGTV," one person wrote. Another said, "This guy needs a station wagon ASAP." Fred responded to comment, writing, "agreed."

The singer actually responded to several fans, including one person who said the look "actually hurts my soul." Fred said, "For some the pain is inevitable."

The reason for the transformation isn't known, but some wondered if it was for a film project. Then again, perhaps he's doing it all for the nookie.

Voicemail leaks

Leaked voicemails reveal Britney Spears' true thoughts on conservatorship

Britney Spears has been trying to get out of conservatorship for well over a decade, leaked voicemails appear to reveal. 

The messages also show that she's been fearful of her father, Jamie Spears, since at least 2009.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

On Instagram, the pop star's highly-controversial former manager Sam Lufti posted a series of voicemails from Britney — seemingly left for the court — that gave a glimpse into her thoughts on the conservatorship back in late aughts.

In the first post, which came attached to a previously-unseen image of the singer holding her son Sean Preston, Britney can be heard saying, "Hi, this is Britney Spears. It's Sunday the 18th Just so you know I want out of this conservatorship. I've been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by the conservatorship. I'm confined, restrained, and stripped of my civil rights. And I demand the state of California to review this case because I feel it's illegal.. Bye."

That message, Sam said, was left in 2009 and "every judge ignored all these calls."

In another message, this one attached to another previously-unseen image of Britney with sons Sean and Jayden James, the "Toxic" singer says, "Hi my name's Britney Spears.  I called you earlier.  I'm calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, that you know, he'll take my children away. I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process and that you guys are taking care of everything, that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That's it, bye"

In a third 2009 message, Britney names two men — including attorney John Eardley — that she wants representing her in court in hopes of ending the conservatorship, which has now gone on for 13 years. The representation, she says, is in her "best interests and best wishes."

Back in 2008, a California court denied Eardley's bid to replace Jamie as conservator of Britney's estate.

Finally, Sam, who managed Britney in 2007 and 2008, released a fourth voicemail. In that, Britney says she is of "sound mind and body" and again begged the court to let Eardley represent her, as opposed to her court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham.

"I don't want a conservator," she said. "I'm being held against my will. I can't exercise my constitutional rights. I can't participate in my custody litigation. I believe my civil rights are being violated."

In the caption, Brit's former confidante wrote, "There was never anyone on the inside that would help. These calls are to my phone, these calls cost me a ton of money in court, tarnished my name further but also tore my soul apart, I had no idea where to turn, no one was listening no one seemed to care. I can't believe nothing has changed. She will never get those years back, her children were robbed of a huge chunk of history with their mother."

For the past several months, Britney has openly railed against her father, her family and the conservatorship, which she calls "abusive."

On July 14, a judge allowed Britney to hire her own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, in her quest to remove Jamie as the conservator of her business affairs. Ultimately she wants the conservatorship removed.

In speaking to Page Six, Sam said her new legal team is aware that he's ready to testify on behalf of Britney. However, the report notes that that may be tricky, as Britney, via her estate, has had a long-running restraining order against Sam that keeps him away from Britney and her family. The most current restraining order runs until June 2024.

Vegas bound?

Adele rumored to be getting lucrative Las Vegas residency

Adele might be the next major artist saying "hello" to the Las Vegas Strip.

According to reports, the songstress has inked a deal to begin a residency show at the newly opened Resorts World. The "Rolling In The Deep" singer would share the under-construction theater with previously announced Resorts World headliners Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan.

Will Heath/NBC

Exactly how many shows she would perform isn't known, but Vital Vegas, a popular blog for Vegas news and gossip, says the show "could start as soon as January 2022."

Adele's last concert — in June 2017 at Wembley Stadium — drew 97,500 fans. The Resorts World Theatre is far more intimate, as it will seat just 5,000 fans.

For years, it's been a badly-kept secret that nearly every Las Vegas casino has coveted the 15-time Grammy winner for a residency — there have been rumors of standing offers from multiple major players in Vegas. At one point she was even spotted touring the theater at Park MGM, where Lady Gaga performs.

The Sun reported that Adele could rake in about $140,000 per show, but Vital Vegas puts that number north of $500,000 a show, which seems more accurate, as it would put her more in line with what Celine reportedly hauls in each time she takes the stage.


Adele has supposedly been reluctant to agree to a Vegas deal due to the dry air. However, it's hardly unheard of for Sin City theaters to transform and adapt to singer's preferences. During Celine's hugely successful residency at Caesars Palace, an "atmospheric bubble" was created and the theater was set at 55 percent humidity. It's widely suspected that a similar type of "bubble" will carry over to the Resorts World Theatre.


Ruby Rose rushed to hospital after surgical complications

Ruby Rose was rushed to the hospital this week after post-surgery complications, but the COVID-19 pandemic kept her from getting immediate care.

The "Orange Is The New Black" alum spoke about the situation on her Instagram Story.

Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock

"I did have a procedure, and I had to have a surgery, but it was fine, and the surgery went well," Ruby, 35, said. "But then [Monday,] I had a few complications, and I had to go to the emergency room."

While getting emotional, the actress said she called an ambulance and it "took hours" for a hospital to agree to take her, largely because medical centers are being overrun with COVID-19 patients.

"They'd been rejecting people all night," she said. "And my case was quite serious — we stuck it out for a little bit longer, and we were lucky enough to get accepted by a hospital after a bit of a standoff." 


Ruby didn't detail what exactly her medical issue was, but she lauded the health professionals and front line workers, calling them "amazing."

In urging her followers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, she said, "Try to keep yourself safe. Try to keep everyone safe. Get vaccinated if you can, please. It doesn't need to be this hard for everyone and I just can't imagine all the other people that are having way, way more serious situations happening right now."

Ruby's has been relatively open about her health issues over the years.  Earlier this month she said quit her starring role in The CW's "Batwoman" because of an allergic reaction to her costume. In 2019, she underwent emergency surgery to treat a chronic back issue that could have left her paralyzed. In that case, two herniated discs were close to severing her spinal cord.

Friendly Support

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul publicly support Bob Odenkirk after collapse

Bob Odenkirk's "Breaking Bad" family is keeping him in their hearts amid his medical issue.

On July 28, Bryan Cranston implored his Instagram followers to "send positive thoughts" to Bob after he collapsed on the set of "Better Call Saul."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Today I woke up to news that has made me anxious all morning. My friend, Bob Odenkirk collapsed last night on the set of Better Call Saul," Bryan wrote on Instagram on July 28, alongside a picture with Bob. "He is in the hospital in Albuquerque and receiving the medical attention he needs but his condition is not known to the public as yet. Please take a moment in your day today to think about him and send positive thoughts and prayers his way, thank you."

According to reports, Bob was filming the hit show in New Mexico on Tuesday when he suddenly collapsed. Crew members immediately rushed to help and called an ambulance. 

His current condition is not known, nor is it known if he was conscious during the ambulance ride. 

Just an hour after Bryan's message, fellow "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul showed his support for Bob on social media, as well. 

"I love you my friend," he captioned a photo of Bob. 

Odenkirk played attorney Saul Goodman in "Breaking Bad." His current show, "Better Call Saul," which is filming its sixth season, is a spinoff of "Breaking Bad."

It's possible that Bob's medical issue could delay the production of "Better Call Saul."