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A "perfectly placed" mirror could be the key to finding out who brazenly robbed Kim Kardashian West at gunpoint earlier this week.

According to a report in The Sun, the culprits were caught in the reflection of a mirror captured by surveillance cameras at a nearby nail salon.

The report says police have already seized the footage that was captured by a camera at the Bel Ange salon near the No Address Hotel, where Kim was staying when gunmen broke into her room, gagged and bound her and reportedly made off with about $10 million in jewelry.

The Sun states that one of the store's cameras was facing an outside mirror that reflected the robbers as they passed a retail section of the building. Meanwhile, a second camera may have caught them escaping through an unlocked back door to a shopping area.

The owner of the nail salon wasn't allowed to see the footage, but was told by authorities what was on it, according to a friend of hers.

"They said it showed their faces. The upstairs camera caught the gang in a mirror which looks out onto the street," Nina Richter told the UK-based newspaper. "It shot them perfectly as they made their way inside this shopping area and then a second camera got them as they made their way through an unlocked corridor to the car park. Police told the owner it has given them the best lead yet."

Nina relayed what police allegedly told her friend, saying, "It just happened to be facing the mirror so it just happened to be perfectly placed. It's a million-to-one chance. Obviously the gang knew where they were going, too. They weren't just fleeing randomly into the night."

According to earlier reports, police suspected that the robbers likely knew where the cameras were on the street and evaded them. Unfortunately for them, they didn't anticipate their reflection potentially capturing their image on a closed circuit feed.

TMZ previously reported that there is no surveillance footage from Kim's apartment.

The Sun said police also retrieved cigarette butts near the getaway area and is checking for DNA.