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Mariah Carey is trying to say "I do" this year, but she still needs Nick Cannon to sign divorce documents, and he's essentially saying "I won't."

TMZ is reporting that Nick is not cooperating with Mariah and that he is refusing to sign the papers, despite the fact they split in August 2014 and she is currently engaged to another man.

Mariah has been trying to get Nick to sign off for nearly a year, but he just won't do it and he also won't say why, the celebrity site said. A source told the site that even though he was the one who initially filed for divorce, Nick still loves the "We Belong Together" singer and doesn't want to let her go and he definitely "doesn't want" her marrying billionaire James Packer.

From a contractual standpoint, there is basically nothing left to resolve. In December 2014 Nick and Mariah struck a property settlement agreement and they agreed to joint custody. Nick, though, just won't put the final nail in the coffin and sign the actual paperwork.

"Mariah is frustrated and not flattered at all," sources told TMZ, adding that she wants out of the marriage stat!

In late January, Mariah got engaged to her billionaire beau when he proposed with a whopping 35-carat diamond engagement ring.

"It's so heavy I can't lift my arm up!," she joked after the engagement, adding that the proposal was "very romantic."

"He's an exceptional person and really... it gets more romantic by the day, so it's very sweet," she said of her man.

Although money is no object when it comes to the wedding, Mariah has previously said that they won't do anything too elaborate, at least by her standards.

"We are not doing a big wedding because he did two big weddings, and it's kind of like, 'I've done a big wedding," she told E!. "We would rather make it beautiful but humble."

Whether scenes from that "humble" wedding will be on her reality show isn't known yet. Then again, if Nick has anything to say, there won't be a Mariah-James wedding anytime soon. And, by saying and doing nothing, he's saying a lot.