Olivia Munn is not being romanced by Justin Theroux, and any tabloid who says otherwise is "100 million percent" false, she says.


The actress posted a series of screenshots to her Instagram Story on Friday, March 9, and one of them is a text conversation she's having with her publicist. According to a publicist named Marcel, "In Touch is preparing a story about Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux. Sources tell In Touch Olivia and Justin are growing close together and they are heading towards a romance."

Olivia's response: "Oh my god. That is so stupid."

Olivia's rep agreed but said the mag would likely run the story regardless.

So, on March 9, "The Newsroom" star decided to take matters into her own hands, denying outright that she and her newly-single "Ninjago" co-star are an item.


"Since they said they're running that story even if we said it's 100 million percent not true, I thought I'd just let you guys know on my own that it's not," she wrote in the screenshot. "Dear Tabloids, Please stop matching me with my friends' exes. No disrespect to people who do date their friends' exes, that's just not my style. Kthxbye!"

If you'll recall, Olivia was linked to Chris Pratt after he and Anna Faris split last year. Much like she did on March 9, Olivia quickly shut down those rumors as well.