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While millions of people saw Michelle Williams in her Oscar-nominated role in "Manchester by the Sea," the actress isn't one of them.

No, she's never seen the film that she stars in.

"I've seen some scenes from the movie," the actress told TheWrap shortly after she learned about her nomination on Tuesday, Jan. 24. "I haven't actually watched the movie. My friend and I were going to see it at a theater in Brooklyn today, but I got called into work."

In the critically-acclaimed film, Michelle stars as Casey Affleck's ex-wife Randi.

The New England-based film has earned six Oscar nominations, including one for Michelle for Best Supporting Actress.

In November, the actress told the Hollywood news site that she didn't see the film because she didn't want to cry in front of a crowd, nor in an empty room. She's now apparently ready to see the movie, but she just hasn't had the time.

Asked whether she knew "Manchester by the Sea" would be a success while filming, she said, "Good Lord, no. Not a clue, not an idea. I love these kinds of sets — they're the ones I'm the most comfortable with. It was just another barely held-together independent film production. We were cold and hungry and tired. But we believed in [Director Kenny Lonergan.]"

Michelle said she spent quite a bit of time researching the New England area, as well has people who had been in similar situations as her character. Kenny, who is nominated for Best Director, need to be credited with the success of the film, she adds.

"With a script like this you can really lean into it," she said. "You can feed off of it."

If only she knew what the film actually looked like, she might walk away even more impressed.