How does she do it? Padma Lakshmi indulges on some of the best food as a judge of "Top Chef," and somehow always appears to be in the best shape of her life.

The brunette bombshell shared a photo of herself in sexy lingerie to her Instagram page on Thursday and she looking toned, fit and absolutely stunning.

Did we mention that she's 46 years old, as well!?

Don't hate because I'm in lingerie. Moms do that sometimes.

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"Don't hate because I'm in lingerie," she joked to her 222,000 followers. "Moms do that sometimes."

Most of her followers applauded her for her look, with very few "haters" chiming in. Even model Joan Smalls couldn't help but comment on the sexy mom, commenting "wow."

To be fair, there was very little to critique. In the image, the reality TV star is posted up in her bathroom wearing high-waisted booty panties with a black lacy bra. She gazes off in the distance as she hands rest on the bathroom's countertop.

Although she's very active on social media, Padma doesn't often post overly sexy images of herself, although she isn't opposed to showing a bikini shot.

"A toast to summer stickin' around a little longer #nyheatwave," she captioned a snap earlier this month of her wearing a black two-piece while sipping on white wine.

A toast to summer stickin' around a little longer #nyheatwave Kaftan @naeemkhannyc

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A few weeks earlier she showed off her body again in a bikini while splashing around in the ocean.

"I feel like fall is rushing in....," she captioned a photo of her wearing a magenta-colored frilly bikini.

I feel like fall is rushing in....

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More often than not, though, she uses her Instagram feed to showcase food (naturally), her professional modeling images and her 6-year-old daughter Krishna Thea.

In an image posted earlier in the week, Padma shared a cute image of her and her mini me wearing basically the same outfit.

Still, despite their similar fashion sense, Krishna doesn't plan to follow in her mom's modeling footsteps... at least not right now.

In an interview with People magazine, Padma said of her daughter, "She's very clear on what she wants to do. Right now she wants to be a pop star and she has music lessons three out of seven days of the week.

"I would like her to do what I did, which was finish college before she starts modeling," she continued. "I think having an education is very important for a whole host of reasons. I want her to be happy and healthy and do what naturally interests her. I modeled to pay off my college loans. I don't think she will have that problem."