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Pamela Anderson's teenage sons are all grown up and quite handsome!

The "Baywatch" star was joined by 19-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee and 18-year-old Dylan Jagger Lee at the Saint Laurent fashion show in Los Angeles on Feb. 10.

The 48-year-old was surely not upstaged by her good looking kids, though. She showed off her fabulous curves in a tight black t-shirt and high-waisted black ankle jeans cinched at the waist with a large black belt featuring silver details.

Pamela completed her look with a pair of lace-up black heels and a matching simple clutch.

But her best accessories? Her boys. Dylan, opted for a coordinating ensemble to his gorgeous mother. The handsome teen, while sporting a quiff hairstyle, wore a simple black t-shirt and black jeans. He paired the look with leather loafers and a stylish leather jacket.

His older brother Brandon broke up all the black with a simple tight white t-shirt paired with black trousers and patent-leather lace-up shoes.

Both boys, who were fathered by Pamela's ex-husband Tommy Lee, have grown up to be quite good looking gentlemen!

It was announced earlier this month that Dylan was the new face of Saint Laurent. The teen starred in a video series released on Feb. 1, in which he surfs and plays guitar in Malibu, Calif.

While the boys are surely making a name for themselves now, Pamela opened up on the "Today" show in September 2015 about wanting to raise them out of the spotlight.

"They're gonna make their own choices for the the rest of their lives, and it wouldn't be their own choice if we were dragging them down red carpets."

"I say, 'You're gorgeous, you're talented, you got that down, [now] let's work on humbleness, let's work on, you know, education," she admitted. "...But they're genetically loaded. They're perfect gentlemen considering the gene pool."

Clearly being a tight-knit family, Pamela told ET in December 2015 she asked her sons for permission to pose on the cover of Playboy's final nude issue, because growing up they were "teased, and made fun of, and had a few fistfights over their mom."

"I said, 'Hef just called, he wants me to do the last cover of Playboy,' and [Brandon] goes, 'Mom you've got to do it... We're older, we're not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you're great.'"

"And then I asked Dylan too, and Dylan's like, 'Mom, you know you've done it all,'" she revealed. "I don't know what to say but they were really excited for me, and I was excited too."