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Pamela Anderson is flexing her funny bone a lot more these days.

The former "Baywatch" star is trying to reinvent herself as a standup comedian. Yes, you read that correctly.

On Thursday night, Pam took the stage as the host of "Gotham Comedy Live," where she cracked joke after joke.

"I've always wanted to try standup because I was inspired by all the great female comedians we've had: there's Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Andy Dick," she joked.

In a self-deprecating manner, she even let herself be the butt of the joke, blasting her laughable (not in a good way) role in "Barb Wire" and referencing her infamous self tape with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

"Did you see that Hulk Hogan got $115 million for his sex tape?" she asked the audience of the wrestler's recent lawsuit against Gawker. "That pissed me off! All I got were some stupid Motley Crue tickets."

Pam was realistic about her comedy aspirations and seemed good-spirited about making fun of herself, saying she doesn't really expect a lot of entertainment awards to come her way.

"Let's face it, the only way I'm getting an Oscar from 'Baywatch' is if I find one in the sand with a metal detector," the former Playboy Playmate quipped during her five-minute performance at the intimate venue.

While she pulled no punches when it came to herself, she mainly refrained from putting most of her friends or ex lovers on blast (save for the quip about the sex tape.)

"Pam vetoed joking about Kid Rock or talking about Madonna's recent meltdown," an insider told the New York Post's Page Six gossip section, adding that she collaborated with a seasoned comedy writer.

One thing she also didn't touch on was her incredibly handsome sons, Brandon Thomas Lee, 19, and Dylan Jagger, 18.

In February, the two joined the blond bombshell at the Saint Laurent fashion show in Los Angeles.

While the boys are surely making a name for themselves now, Pamela opened up on the "Today" show in September 2015 about wanting to raise them out of the spotlight.

"They're gonna make their own choices for the the rest of their lives, and it wouldn't be their own choice if we were dragging them down red carpets."

"I say, 'You're gorgeous, you're talented, you got that down, [now] let's work on humbleness, let's work on, you know, education," she admitted. "...But they're genetically loaded. They're perfect gentlemen considering the gene pool."

That gene pool is no laughing matter.