Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick graduated the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on May 13, and his famous parents, who have been separated since 2011, joined him to celebrate the momentous occasion. Glad they're all getting along!

The proud mom posted a photo of the trio on Twitter and wrote, "Morning after memory. Off he goes. Well loved, well educated. #graduation." The day prior, the journalist tweeted, "The one the only @PSchwarzenegger graduated!! So proud of him. Love this pic. Onward."

Wouldn't be anywhere without these two. Thank you for everything and love yah both

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On May 14, Patrick reposted the same photo on Instagram and wrote, "Wouldn't be anywhere without these two. Thank you for everything and love yah both."

We're glad to see that the the family came together even though Arnold did some serious damage to his close-knit clan when he revealed to the world the day he left the governor's office in 2011 that he'd had an affair with their housekeeper Mildred Baena and fathered a child with her.

In 2012, Arnold went on "60 Minutes" and described telling his other children (including Patrick) that they had a brother. "I asked them for forgiveness. They cried. It tears your heart out," said the superstar.

But despite the clan's serious struggle, the exes were able to come together and Arnold was able to share his pride over his son's accomplishment.

After the graduation ceremony, the famous Austrian tweeted a smiling photo of himself and his son and wrote, "Patrick, I'm so proud of you. You have grown into a great man -- physically and mentally. Congrats. I love you."

Patrick, who became famous first for his good looks and then for dating Miley Cyrus, also took to social media to talk about his big day.

I went to college for four years... #Fighton

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The hunky former student crouched with a group of fellow graduates in their caps and gowns. For some reason, the grad captioned the photo with his buds, "I went to college for four years... #Fighton." Don't most people go to college for four years? We're confused.

Oh and just in case, Patrick didn't charm you by getting his degree from a good university -- perhaps his love of puppies (and helping them get adopted) will?

This dogs for adoption. Someone needs to get it. La Cienega Blvd and Melrose place

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BTW: Not to be all Debby Downer on Patty's big day, but we have to call out the fact that while Arnie was there to watch his son become an official Trojan man, the actor didn't go to Joseph's Frontier High School graduation on May 28, 2015 -- and that makes us sad.