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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are doing their best to put son Julian first after a month marred by a bitter custody war and abuse allegations.

The exes have in recent days called a partial truce, reports TMZ.

Less than two weeks after a judge granted a restraining order against Robin in the wake of concerns that he'd abused Julian -- ordering him to stay away from his son, Paula and her mother -- Robin has once again started spending time with the boy.

TMZ learned that the musician, 39 -- who has admitted to spanking his son though denied he's abused him -- took Julian to Kids World in a Los Angeles suburb on Feb. 4.

A court-appointed monitor was with them.

Sources connected with the exes told TMZ that "Paula has softened on the issue and agreed to let Robin see Julian three days a week for a few hours each day," the site reports, "but a court-appointed monitor must be present."

Though it's been a difficult month for the stars and their son, and Paula still has concerns, TMZ is told that the actress, 41, "wants Julian to still have a relationship with his dad."

The thaw started a week ago, when, as TMZ reported, Paula temporarily backburnered her long-term custody demands as she sought psychological help for Julian.

"Paula doesn't know what the final custody arrangement should look like, because she doesn't know the extent of Julian's issues," TMZ reported at the time, citing sources connected with the former couple.

Julian had been "acting out in troubling ways, which include hyperventilating and just 'freaking out,'" claimed TMZ, and Paula was "putting the boy in therapy to figure out what, if anything, happened to him and how to fix it."

The exes are due in court later this month and again in March, TMZ added.