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Prince Harry's new girlfriend Meghan Markle has already gotten the royal thumbs up from the head lady in charge.

According to a new report in Us Weekly, Queen Elizabeth II is "fully supportive" of her grandson's relationship with the "Suits" actress.

The news comes after reports that Meghan has already charmed Prince William and gotten his seal of approval. Meghan has yet to meet Her Majesty, but that isn't out of the ordinary as it took William's wife Duchess Kate five years for an introduction.

"[The Queen] is delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship," a source tell Us.

Meghan may score an introduction sooner than you think, too, because Harry could be in this for the long run. Harry's pal said, "I can see them engaged by the spring. He's head over heels."

Like she's doing with Harry, Meghan is capturing the hearts of the royal staff, as well. The report claims that the actress has full access to senior staff for navigating the public romance and she's consulted with them when she's felt overwhelmed.

"There have been times where Meghan's been unsure [of protocol]," the mag's source said, "and having a direct line to Harry's most trusted aides has been a godsend."

The aids have even spoken to her about using social media, now that her profile has certainly increased.

"Being careful not to reveal locations or send the wrong message is something she's slowly gotten used to," the source added.

Aside from Harry's staff, Meghan had someone else she could pluck advice from, as well, in the form of Sophie Trudeau, the wife of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Before becoming Mrs. Trudeau, Sophie was a news correspondent for Canada's eTalk.

"Sophie went through a similar situation," a separate source told the mag. "She was a television host and focused a lot on pop culture — then she became the story herself!... Mentor might be too big of a word, but Sophie's unique insight has been so helpful."