The royal rebel and the two-piece! Princess Diana's stunning niece is causing a bit of commotion across the pond after posting a series of racy bikini-clad pictures to her Instagram.

Just last month, Lady Kitty Spencer also posed somewhat seductively for Tatler magazine's current December issue.

"Aristocratic eyebrows have been raised" over Kitty's behavior, a source told the New York Post.

Last week, Kitty posted multiple shots from her recent vacation to Orpheus Island, a private nook that bilks itself as a "secluded hideaway on the Great Barrier Reef accommodating just 28 indulged guests at any one time!"

Kitty's shots are certainly breathtaking, but many in London aren't exactly pleased with a few of the snaps, including one wherein she pulls her hair while donning a saucy red bikini.

"I packed for 48 hours and stayed three weeks," Princess Di's niece captioned that particular image, seen by her more than 14,000 Instagram followers.

In another image of her snorkeling, the 24-year-old's ample cleavage is on full display in a black and white snap.

"I definitely don't know how to rock a stinger suit," she wrote, "but it's my first time snorkelling so the picture is going up anyway!!"

She's reportedly on vacation with an Australian weatherman named James Tobin.

According to the Daily Mail, not everyone is amused by Kitty's Instagram feed or the aforementioned magazine cover.

Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, is "furious" over his daughter's attention-getting lifestyle, the news outlet said.

"They had a really big [argument] about it a few weeks ago," a source said.

In the past, Kitty has said that she doesn't have many memories of her famous aunt, as she was young when Diana died tragically. She did attend Prince Williams' wedding in 2011 and wore, as Tatler magazine called it, "a very snug dress."

If online notoriety is what Kitty is after, as many suspect, she's getting it, as she's reportedly gained 4,000 followers and counting within two days.