A new report on The Blast reveals that Emma Roberts is to blame for Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's split.

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After nearly 10 years together, Rachel reportedly found text messages between Hayden and Emma -- who are co-stars in an upcoming movie called "Little Italy" -- that she believed to be inappropriate. She ended things with the father of her daughter, Briar Rose, 3, shortly after finding them.

To make things more awkward, Rachel ran into Emma just days after she parted ways from her longtime love (but before the news broke) at Refinery29's Third Annual 29Rooms: Turn It Into Art event in New York City on Sept. 7.

Rachel was reportedly mortified when she saw Emma at the event and avoided her. Fortunately for the former "The O.C." actress, the news had yet to break, so the fact that the two actresses were not interacting was not at all noticeable.

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While it seems Rachel wants nothing to do with Emma, she isn't avoiding her ex. The two were photographed handing Briar off to one another on Sunday, Oct. 8, outside a Los Angeles hotel.

The last few weeks have not been kind to the 36-year-old actress. On Friday, Oct. 6, Rachel returned to her home in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles where she found that during the four hours she'd been away, her house had been ransacked by burglars. TMZ reported that between $40,000 and $50,000 worth of property was stolen from her home.

This is the second time she's been robbed: In 2009, she was targeted by the "Bling Ring," who stole $350,000 worth of valuables from her.