YouTube just got another star.

Reese Witherspoon is busy with her film career and her clothing line, Draper James, but that hasn't stopped her from starring in the line's YouTube channel.

While the company posted its first video on YouTube in May 2015, it took a break and did not launch videos until four days ago with the 39-year-old actress.

In one of the videos, she performs Southern impressions of famous movie stars. In another, she tells the story of her company. And in the third, she travels to a local factory where Draper James' items are manufactured.

Her most viewed video is the one with her Southern impressions, and it's currently at a little over 30,000 views.

It's unclear as to how many more videos will have her in them, but for now, her guide to movie stars is pretty entertaining!

The YouTube space marks a new territory for Reese who launched Draper James in 2015.

She spoke to the Wall Street Journal about what inspired her launch in October of 2015.

"About three years ago when I was traveling between Atlanta and Nashville, I started noticing how much was happening culturally in the South with museums, music venues and restaurants. At that same time I was approached by two Northeast brands to represent them," she said. "I don't know the Hamptons, but I do know the South and I realized there was a white space to tell that story."

She further explained her lifestyle brand, "We emphasize coordination of different pieces for a pulled together look. Matching items, like matching your shoes to you handbag, is not a bad thing in the South," she continued. "It's a return to pretty clothes. We also do a lot with bright colors and patterns. We don't do black. Our black is navy."

Now not only can you purchase a cute $275 dress, but you can learn how to write a "thank you note" Southern style all on the same website.