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Do police in Palm Beach, Florida have some explaining to do when it comes to country star Zac Brown's involvement in a recent arrest?

According to TMZ, cops in the area "repeatedly lied and covered up" for the singer, who was apparently tangled up in a drug bust last week. Some of the officers were allegedly so starstruck that they asked Zac for his autograph and failed to properly investigate his involvement in the situation.

The news site reports Zac, 37, was in a Palm Beach Four Seasons hotel room when cops barged in at roughly 5:30 AM in response to a report of a suspicious vehicle in front of the hotel. They arrested four people for marijuana and coke possession, including two strippers. One man apparently had more than 30 grams of cocaine on him.

Sources close to Zac tell TMZ the singer had no idea what he was walking into when he went to that hotel room. Zac reportedly agreed to go hang out with a bunch of guys, but was surprised when strippers and drugs appeared. The insiders insist Zac didn't do any drugs and didn't engage with the strippers.

Cops allegedly discovered Zac had a prescription bottle on him and "two of the pills didn't match the label," so cops asked Zac to supply proof he had a valid Rx for the medication. The singer later presented proof the pills were painkillers that were prescribed after minor surgery.

When TMZ investigated and asked officers why Zac wasn't arrested if he was on the room, Palm Beach PD reportedly insisted they had no evidence the country star was in the room.

However, inside sources maintain The Zac Brown Band frontman was there the whole time, and arresting officers were huge fans of the singer. TMZ sources claim, "several cops on scene asked for his autograph, and the officers who took one of the strippers to the station mocked her for not knowing Zac was a big country star." The "Toes" singer only appears once by name in a police report, which doesn't detail his involvement in the drug-filled party, despite being questioned by authorities.

TMZ continues, "Zac asked the cops to keep him out of the police report because he had a wife and kids. It seems the police did everything in their power to facilitate that. In our numerous contacts with the PD, we repeatedly asked for any information tying Zac to the bust."

The site says it can confirm that a "document did exist tying Zac to the room," but cops maintain their position that Zac simply wasn't there.

The leader of the Grammy-winning band was in town for a charity auction event. His reps have yet to comment.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.