Ricki Lake believes that her late ex-husband is responsible for sending her the "new love" in her life.

Christian Evans, whom the former talk show host was married to from 2012-2015, commuted suicide in 2017. Although he and Ricki split, they remained close friends.

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While appearing on the United Kingdom's "Loose Women," Ricki gushed about her new man, Jeffrey Scult. In fact, she believes that her former husband somehow sent Jeffrey to her.

"I absolutely believe it because they are very similar," she said. "I definitely have a type but I do believe he wants me to find love again he doesn't want me alone, I want to believe he had a hand in introducing me. He helped me to meet this new love in my life - not so new, our one year anniversary is next week."

Ricki, 51, likes to reminisce about her ex.

"It's healing for me to share my story, as painful as it is. All of us experience mental illness - one in two of us is going to suffer from mental illness breakdown. My husband suffered from bipolar disorder, when we fell in love I didn't know. I don't want him to have died in vain," she said. "I want my story to help others and I have been pretty outspoken. I know he's proud of me I know he's with me."

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Earlier this year Ricki said she went into a deep depression following Christian's death.

"I don't think I'll ever get over him, losing someone like that, and we had plans we had bought a home together we were planning to buy a place in Ibiza," she said.

However, time has helped heal some wounds, as has Jeffrey.

"Jeffrey knew my heart was in a very precious state, and he had reverence for that," she told People magazine. "My relationship with Jeffrey is the healthiest one I've ever had. I I believe in love. And I believe in second chances."