So, maybe Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are back on? On April 19, the off-and-on couple were together again, this time for a fun and flirty dinner in Los Angeles.

Photos from the evening even show the two holding hands, which will likely irk his family.

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While on a dinner date at TAO, she posted several videos, one of which shows his hand on her thigh. Her hand rests on top of his.

He can be heard calling her "baby" in another video. Another video was posted after their dinner date in which Rob jokingly tells Chyna that her purple hair "looks ugly."

"Why'd you have to do that?," he asks. Without speaking, she flips off the camera and Rob.

The date comes a few days before an episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" aired in which Kim Kardashain West blasts Chyna. The episode appears to be filmed last December after Chyna cleared out the entire house and left with their now 5-month-old daughter, Dream.

That split (there have been others) occurred after Chyna said her Instagram account was hacked and purportedly showed candid and damning conversations about Rob -- in one of the conversations, she used the words "fat," "lazy" and "insecure" when referring to her fiance. In the messages, she also laid out a plan to leave Rob a year after marrying him and taking the Kardashian name.

In a clip from the upcoming episode, Kim tells Rob, "I've always been super cool with her. Like, I have a different relationship with her than like, you know, what you guys have and with Kylie and I always hear her out and stuff, but like just seeing the motives is like what's hurtful."

Rob tells her, "That's what I need to know from her in person."

Kim retorts, "She'll never tell you!"

While in a confessional about the Rob and Chyna's volatile relationship, Kim says, "I've always felt like them as a couple just isn't that healthy and I think they know that too. It's not like some secret... It's so clear what this relationship is and that they're just not meant to be with each other."

Chyna, though, recently told Cosmopolitan South Africa that she is in love with Rob and sees a future for them.

"I'm in it for the long haul, so I feel like my advice [for anyone in a similar situation] is therapy, know each other's family, calling each other's moms," she said. "I know we love each other and we're fighting for each other, and the people we surround ourselves with are rooting for us."