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The Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna breakup, if it is that, is still working away on Instagram.

On Sunday, Dec. 18, Rob shared an image of he and Chyna's newborn daughter Dream, yearning to see her.

"I really miss this girl,,, never felt so in love with someone the way I do with you Dream! Look she has her thumbs up," he wrote. "Never thought a woman would try to take my happiness when all I wanted was to make her happy. Man this is awful. Closing my eyes cuz this is draining."

Chyna saw the now-deleted message and chimed in on the matter in the comments section.

"Rob stop it man! I sent u this pic!!!!!," she wrote.

Rob replied, "@blacchyna and u texting me on my comment section on here proving my point even more."

He said that she blocked him on Instagram and he is "heartbroken," also adding, "I loved every inch of you."

One day before, Rob announced on social media that Chyna had left him and cleared out the entire house. Many, though, were quick to wonder if this was legit or some sort of publicity stunt to perhaps bring more attention to their reality show, "Rob & Chyna."

Likely knowing this, Rob said on Snapchat, "This wasn't fake or some publicity stunt. Trust me. My one month old beautiful baby girl got taken from me along with my wife who left me."

The alleged split occurred after Chyna said her Instagram account was hacked, purportedly showing candid and damning conversations about Rob -- in one of which chats, she used the words "fat," "lazy" and "insecure" when referring to her fiance. In the messages, she also laid out a plan to leave Rob a year after marrying him and taking the Kardashian name.

Whether this is all authentic and actual reality remains to be seen.