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Like father, like son.

Rob Lowe proved that he and his mini-me son, Johnny Lowe, are two peas in a pod … even shirtless!

The lovable forever young actor, who just turned 52, took to Instagram on March 17 to post a shirtless selfie with his lookalike 20-year-old son.

There's a lot of dashing good looks in the snap!

"Celebrating my #birthday with a #workout and @johnnylowe," Rob captioned the snap. "Whatever your age, be your best! #men #results @profile4men."

Rob appears serious in the image, stoned faced and squinting slightly from the sun. He looks awfully tanned while wearing a leather jump rope around his neck.

Johnny formed just the hint of a smile as he crosses his arms in the background of the image, wearing a necklace.

Both men's hair seems freshly coifed considering they just sweated it out during an intense workout, something they often do together.

While Rob is a Hollywood legend, Johnny seems to want to follow in his father's shoes, as he's been bit by the acting bug of late. Last year he joined his father's Fox comedy "The Grinder." In fact, on his dad's birthday, Johnny posted an Instagram photo taken from the wrap party for the show that features him, Rob and actor Colton Haynes.

Johnny, who clearly knows that the ladies love his father, humorously captioned the image, "Family reunion at the Grinder wrap party last night. (Getting sick of being the least attractive person in these photos)…"

Johnny often playfully pokes fun at his father. In a photo last month of the two of them, he said, "TBT to when my haircut was better than my Dads…"

In another of the father and son, along with Colton, John said, "Questioning life now that I've realized my dad's TV (within a TV show) Son looks more like him than I do. #thegrinder."

Aside from spending time with his on on his birthday, Rob, who has been sober for 26 years, also got to spend time with another one of his favorite people, singer Bruce Springsteen.

"Spent my birthday with one of my faves #legend #rock #inspiration," Rob captioned a photo of he and The Boss on March 18. In another snap, he posted an image of Bruce playing guitar from his Los Angeles show.

"Bruce. #icon," Rob said of the image.