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Uh oh! Just a few days after he reunited with his estranged mom Madonna, Rocco Ritchie was spotted drinking with friends, reports The Mirror.

In photos obtained by The Sun, the teen is seen drinking and smoking under a bridge in central London with friends.

In the pics, Rocco, who is wearing tattered pants, a baggy jacket and a hat, rests against a wall as he smokes a cigarette. Later, Rocco takes swigs from a bottle.

The bad behavior is certainly not new for Rocco, but it does come as a surprise since he and his famous mom seem to be working on their relationship. On Monday April 11, the mother/son duo were seen heading to see "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" in London's Notting Hill area, according to The Mirror.

Times have been tough for Rocco in recent months. Unfortunately for the 15-year-old, his mom and father, director Guy Ritchie, have been in a bitter custody battle over where their son should live.

Last week, things seem to be getting smoothed over as Guy was seen dropping off his teen son at his ex's London home on April 10. The "Sherlock Holmes" director and his new wife Jacqui Ainsley seemed to keeping things amicable with Madge as they were spotted driving Rocco to Madonna's home in West London. At the time, Rocco was seen exiting the car and entering his mother's home. Two hours later, he exited the home and went skateboarding with a pal.

Last month Madonna made a pledge in the British high court to try to "heal the wounds" in her family, reports The Telegraph.

During a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London last month, Justice MacDonald urged Madonna and Guy to resolve their dispute over where their son should live outside of the courts. The judge also ruled the legal battle would be heard in a New York court, and not London. The judge's ruling meant that the feuding pair would either have to resolve their issues at a later date in the U.S. or by family conciliation.

The judge made sure to say that continuing this fight would be a "tragedy" for Rocco and his youth, which were being marred by his parents' conflict.

Since the couple's divorce in December 2008, Rocco had been living with his mother in New York City and visiting his father in London. However, while touring with his mother on her Rebel Heart tour last December, the teen visited his father in London and decided that he wanted to live with him. The decision caused some major fighting between the exes, as the 57-year-old singer wanted her son back in the States.

Previously, Madonna had been doing a great deal of talking about the situation on social media, during her shows and in the courts, but after the Rebel Heart world tour ended the poster made some concessions so that she could spend time with her son in London.

Judging from these pics, it looks like he needs looking after! He's definitely becoming a bit of a wild child!