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Congrats, Indiana!

Rory and Joey Feek's daughter passed a milestone this week and thousands of Facebook users were online to help her celebrate.

"Indiana, at two and a half years old, Indy just learned how to crawl this week," Rory posted on Facebook, along with a video of himself on all fours giving his daughter a few crawling pointers. "Her big sisters and I are so proud of her."

Indiana, whose mom, Joey, died following a battle with cervical cancer in March, was born with Down syndrome.

But her mother still saw some of her first milestones, including the first time she said "mama" and "dada," a moment Joey posted on his blog, "This Life I Live."

In February, Joey celebrated Indiana's second birthday with her. The couple later shared pics from the special get together on Instagram.

"Some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They're dreams coming true and prayers being answered," they wrote alongside a photo of Indiana clasping hands with her mom.

Indiana's crawling isn't the only good news to come Rory's way this month.

The singer recently signed a deal to publish a book based on his blog, which detailed his experience saying goodbye to his wife at the age of 40 and raising their daughter on his own.

"No one can understand what it means to me to be part of such a beautiful love story, unless they have had the chance to hear what a corrupt person I was before Joey came along," Rory told Rolling Stone last month. "How far God has brought me in the last 15 years."

The book based on his blood is due out in February of next year.