La La Latte! It's the next best thing to waking up next to Ryan Gosling: waking up with Ryan Gosling.

Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

A Los Angeles cafe called Carrera Cafe has a machine that can basically print the actor's mug into foam. The cafe started gaining notoriety after it started putting Ryan's face in foam in its lattes. And just like girls watching "The Notebook," they can't seem to get enough.

Go ahead, drink in all that is Gosling.

The cafe uses social media to showcase its foam art, which includes pictures of dogs or other stars or quotes. Nothing, though, is getting the exposure quite like the Ryan art.

"Ryan Gosling on your latte and our goat cheese salad for lunch? What else do you need?" the cafe asked while sharing a picture of a caffeinated Ryan.

Coffee is supposed to be hot, but is it supposed to be this hot?

In another post, Ryan's face can be seen in foam along with the words, "Hey girl, I love it when you wear yoga pants all day."

(The Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" meme went viral several years ago, though there is no actual evidence that the former child star has ever uttered those words.)

The actor looked dapper in a suit in another example of latte art that made its way onto social media.

Ryan Gosling has never looked or tasted so good.