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Over 100,000 people are crying foul at a YouTube vlogger after he staged a murder and made the "victim's" best friend watch in horror.

Sam Pepper, an Internet prankster who is no stranger to controversy, introduced his latest (and most tasteless) prank by speaking about popular Vine duo Sam Golbach and Colby Brock. During the introduction, Pepper said of Golbach,"Let's see how he reacts to his best friend of five years being killed in front of him."

Colby was in on the prank from the get go, but that hasn't stopped the rampant disgust from fans.

The prank begins when Golbach is attacked, blindfolded, and thrown to the ground by a masked attacker, who most believe is Pepper. Colby, pretending to be kidnapped and restrained, yells, too. Once Golbach can't see, Colby returns to help bind the arms and legs of his friend, and carry him to the trunk of a car. Golbach can be heard screaming.

Later, the five-minute video, which has been viewed near four and a half million times, shows both Golbach and Colby blindfolded and bound to two chairs. The masked attacker takes the blindfold off of Golbach, and briefly shows him that Colby is sitting next to him, covered with a hood. The attacker then puts a gun to Colby's head and tells Golbach to plead for their lives. A highly emotional Golbach screams, cries and pleads, saying that his pal is "everything" to him. Following that plea, a gunshot sound can be heard, and Colby slumps to the ground, feigning death. Golbach is left stunned and shaken, truly believed that he just watch his friend's life being taken from him.

But, Colby then stands up and approaches his confused friend.

"I thought you actually died," Golbach says. After he is freed from the chair, the Vine duo hugs.

Not everyone was feeling as happy or sentimental about the video. A petition has started to get Pepper banned from YouTube so that he can never post another video. It's been signed by over 100,000 people.

"Sam Pepper needs to be stopped. This is not his first offense and it won't be his last, unless we stop him," the petition's author, Kaylee-Jade Davis, wrote.

A Twitter user named Jackson Harries wrote, ".@sampepper I think I speak for the majority of the internet when I say please leave. You're not wanted in this space."

Another Twitter user, named Carrie Hope Fletcher, said, ".@sampepper Disgusted + outraged by this video and it's concept. It's twisted anyway but in light of recent world events it's Just.So.Wrong."

Pepper is seemingly proud of his prank, touting it on social media, saying, "NEW PRANK on @SamGolbachh with the help of @itscolbybrock THIS ONE IS CRAZY!"

Pepper is known to ruffle feathers. He previously made a "prank" video where he appeared to grope random women on the street. He claimed it was all staged and done as a "social experiment," but YouTube ended up pulling the video. Last year, he was accused of rape, promoting a police investigation.

But while many of his fans are in an uproar about his latest prank, his "victim" isn't.

"Going into social media I knew at one point there would be a prank or something like this that would happen," Golbach wrote on Twitter. "After thinking through it all and spending the next few days with both Colby and Sam [Pepper] I'm honestly not mad."