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Wanna hang with Scott Disick? Sign the dotted line.

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy is all for a good time and hanging out with beautiful women (what male isn't!) but he is taking precautions to make sure that none of what happens behind closed doors ends up in the press.

Over the past week, Scott has been living it up in Mexico, but, according to the New York Post, any girl that comes back to his beachside villa must sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent them from dishing any dirt on the reality star.

"Scott's staying in a villa outside Puerto Vallarta," a source said, adding that the villa belongs to "Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis, a longtime friend of both Scott and Kourtney.

The Post's Page Six column says the girls who accompany Scott to the villa are not only told to sign NDAs, they also have to check smartphones at the door and put them in bags so that no images of the self-proclaimed "Lord" can be snapped.

However, it seems that nothing truly scandalous is happening in the scenic villa.

"All he talks about is the custody" situation with his kids, the source told Page Six. "He's Mr. Doom and Gloom."

It's been reported that Kourtney has agreed to let Scott co-parent their three children as long as he stays sober.

Multiple reports indicate that Scott has been partying with college kids on spring break and he was seen at a nightclub called La Santa. He was was pictured partying poolside with several bikini-clad women earlier in the week.

The typically-reliable People magazine said Scott is drinking, but he's keeping his alcohol consumption in check. The fact that he is boozing it up is interesting in and of itself, especially considering he left rehab in November after a month-long stay.

"Scott's with girls at the house, who are all models and super hot, he's having an amazing time. He's single and doing what single guys do, have fun and hang out with single hot girls," a source told People. "He is definitely drinking but keeping it under control."

"Scott has been saying how things are much easier now that he's not with Kourtney," the source continued. "She complained way too much and had so many rules. She was never happy and he's realizing that now. He's saying how much he is loving life right now!"